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With more than 25 years of legal experience, you can trust that I will do what is right. I will aggressively defend your rights after physical or financial injury.

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I am personal injury attorney Henry D. Drewinko. For more than 25 years, I have been helping people find their way through the difficult times that come after accidents have left them injured. Over the past two decades of service, I have built a record of success of which I am very proud, including the largest winning verdict for a premises liability case in Texas for 2012. In that case, I obtained a $20 million verdict for my client and I offer that same skill, experience and commitment to every single client.

My commitment to providing the highest levels of personal service means that I take the time to educate my clients about the law and how the choices they make during their cases will affect the outcome.

Guidance You Can Trust After An Injury

I offer my skilled and experienced guidance to those who are facing issues related to:

  • Premises liability — When injuries occur on the property of another, you may be able to pursue compensation from that property owner. Property owners have a duty to provide a safe space when they invite the public in. Grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores are common locations for slip-and-fall accidents. Premises liability can also apply to a number of other situations such as workplace accidents, and apartments with defective structures like stairwells. It can also apply to situations where a property owner has not provided sufficient security for those entering the property.
  • Personal injury — Serious personal injury can change a person’s life in a moment. A person may be unable to return to work for an extended period. Medical bills and lost wages can create serious financial issues that can easily overwhelm a household’s finances. When you have been injured, or lost a loved one to some sort of accident, I can help you pursue the compensation you will need to work toward recovering the life you had before you were injured.
  • Consumer law — In Texas, we have a variety of laws that help consumers defend themselves against unscrupulous businesses that take advantage of them. The Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), for example, allows consumers who have been harmed by commercial deception to pursue compensation, including attorney’s fees. The DTPA is a powerful tool for holding deceptive businesses accountable for the harm they cause.

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Premises Liability In Houston

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