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Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is the most difficult experience any of us can go through. Few other experiences even come close to the pain and sense of loss a death can cause. Those feelings can be compounded when your loved one’s death could have been avoided.

If you have lost a loved one to an accident, you should seek out skilled representation that can help you hold the responsible party accountable for the death of your loved one.

I know it can be difficult in the midst of the grieving process to consider beginning to take legal action. These cases can be complex. By beginning to build a case sooner rather than later, you are ensuring that your actions have the strongest chance of succeeding.

I Take Care Of The Details So You Can Focus On What Is Important

Many people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of details that need to be worked through after a loved one has died. I make sure that my clients have the space they need to be able to tend to their own emotional needs and the needs of their loved ones. I go to great efforts to ensure that my clients’ need only be as involved as they want to be when I am building such cases.

I Have Won Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts For My Clients

I am personal injury attorney Henry D. Drewinko. I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest levels of personal service and skill as I work to create accountability for the loss of their loved one. With more than 25 years of experience, I understand what is necessary to build a highly effective case that can help a grieving family recover compensation that can help them through the challenging times they are facing.

My record includes having won the largest premises liability verdict in Texas during 2012. I was able to recover $20 million for my client.

Fatal Accidents In Houston

Pursuing action against the party who caused your loved one’s death can be a complex process. Contact my office as soon as possible. Call 713-364-0818, toll free at 800-638-5110 or contact my office online to schedule a free initial consultation.

I take cases on a contingent-fee basis. I only collect attorney’s fees after recovering compensation for you.

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